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Grocery Gauntlet

DigiPen, Team Later Sk8ters

3D Local 4-Player Party Game

About the Game:

GROCERY GAUNTLET is a 3D local party game about fighting in a grocery store! You and your friends can pick from four different players and compete against each other in a grocery store battle! Go through your shopping list and collect as many grocery items before the time runs out. Sabotage other players by throwing food related traps and projectiles!


Role: UI & Generalist Programmer 

My primarily role was that of a UI programmer . I worked closely with UI artists and UI/UX designers to produce and polish in-game UI including the Main Menu, Pause Menu, Stage Select, Options, and Character Select. The UI controls were also implemented by me and supports both keyboard and gamepad support. All of the UI features were constructed using Unreal Engine's "widget editor" as well as their "blueprints" visual scripting system.


I would also fill in as a generalist to tackle other tasks such as keeping track of specific player metrics (distance traveled, items thrown, etc.) as well as importing new characters and making them selectable in game. 


UI Demo Reel

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