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Runes of Legacy

DigiPen, Team Phamtom Forge

Unity / Top-down Action Rogue-Lite

About the Game:

Runes of Legacy is a top-down action rogue-lite where you'll delve into the tomb of the old gods to take their divine strength. The dungeon is alive with shifting stones and animated attackers. Adapt by augmenting your spells with the power you purloin from the gods. Outsmart the traps, dispatch the defenders, and claim the dungeon's forgotten secrets for yourself. But be warned, the gods will not give up their power without a fight...


Download and play from the gallery!

Role AI & Audio Programmer

My primary roles was that of the team's AI Programmer. I would was responsible for implementing the enemy behaviors including how they would attack the player, swarm the player, find the player, and what abilities they may use. I also worked with an audio designer to implement any music and sound effects that were used in the game. 

The FSMs were put together using Unity's state machines utilizing a combination of both visual scripts and C# scripts. 


The different states within the FSMs of each enemy were made to be easily adjustable from within the Unity inspector. This way designers were able to make tweaks to the AI of the enemies without the need for them to jump directly into the code themselves.


5 Unique FSMs were implemented into the game. A Melee-attack oriented enemy, a Ranged-attack oriented enemy, AOE-Throwing enemy, an enemy that can revive upon death and a boss enemy. By tweaking the above shown parameters in the inspector variations in the behaviors could be made to make different enemies and scale the difficulty as the player progressed through the different levels of the game. (E.g. chase more aggressively, shoot more often, etc.) 

Gameplay Demo Videos


AOE "Stormers"

Melee and Ranged Enemies

Melee and Ranged Enemies II

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