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IronVale Grove

DigiPen, Team KnightOwls

Custom C++ Engine / Tug-of-War

About the Game:

IronVale Grove is a 2D Tug-of-War strategy game where two summoners summon hordes of mechanical minions to battle for the control of the forest.

Role: Tech Lead, Editor, Audio Programmer

As Tech Lead I managed and assign tasks to complete to other tech team members (5 people including myself)

Worked with other members on implementation of custom C++ with and ECS based structure.

Implemented the editor using 
Dear ImGui library

In game audio implementation with live update using FMod library.


The game engine was capable of creating/destroying game objects, saving archetypes (prefabs), loading in textures, displaying collision boxes, displaying console messages, editing parameters of objects while the game is running, and changing/editing different scenes. 

Archetypes (prefabs) were saved as JSON files. These archetypes could edited through the editor windows or directly from the JSON files. In this way other developers on the team could edit the objects by the workflow in which they preferred. 

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